Discussion Response:HRMT

Discussion Response:HRMT

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Respond to this first discussion. 2 citations from an academic source. Respond to the second discussion with 2 citations from an academic source.

Discussion #1

This week’s discussion focuses on the needed diversity and multiculturalism in the workplace. The concepts and ideas presented in the textbook are widely applicable to other areas of life that are in need of diversity, especially in the United States. For all intents, this post will focus on the advantages of diversity and multiculturalism in the workplace. First, why are companies and organizations recruiting a more diverse and multicultural workforce? This can be explained first and foremost by a globalized market that requires a diverse workforce capable of building a cultural bridge into the international community. This practice is commonly referred to as outsourcing. According to Forbes, outsourcing is necessary when a company wishes to expand its market and increase potential profit. Therefore, monetary gain is the first reason companies are diversifying. They are also attempting to diversify because it’s the law. These are in my opinion the two main reasons organizations are recruiting minorities, women, homosexuals and people from a plethora of religious backgrounds.


Discussion #2

So there are a number of reasons as to why one would want to hire a diverse workforce. One of the biggest reasons, other than legal, is that by having other cultures work at a business this tends to attract others of like cultures. For example, a couple go to a store and notice that not one person who is their race is working there, the couple walks around the store and feels like they are being closely watched the entire time so they quickly move on and leave without buying anything. Had this couple felt more welcomed in the store or seen more people ‘like’ them they may not have left as quickly and may have found something to purchase. While this is not something that is commonly thought of and the workers may not have been watching the people at all, except to help them, it is a common occurrence. In an article I read this week one manager pointed out that by having a diverse work place managers feel their minority customers are better understood which gives them a boost when competing for market shares (Ruiz, 2006, para. 7) The issue of minority customers not feeling welcome is nothing new to the market, simply something that is being looked at more often.


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