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For the two discussion post, each must be at least 150 words each and have at least one reference.
1.This week you are exposed to the history and development of theater including tragedies. In order to fully engage in this history, it is best to hear the dramatic works that are discussed. Choose one of the options below and share your impressions with your classmates.
Option One
Listen to the excerpt of Sophocles’s Oedipus Rex on the Sounds of Humanities website. As the blinded Oedipus curses his fate, what purpose does the chorus serve in speaking with the tragic king? Consider information from the reading material for this week and share your insights about the role of the chorus and other elements of Greek tragedy that this excerpt and tragedy exemplify.
Option Two
Listen to the recognition scene at the end of Shakespeare’s Othello on the Sounds of Humanities website. In this scene, the tragic protagonist discovers the flaw that led to his doom. Explain the nature of Othello’s flaw. Include information from the reading for this week and share your insights about elements of Shakespearean tragedy that this scene and play demonstrate.


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