Discussion of Chris Hackley (2013), Marketing in Context

Discussion of Chris Hackley (2013), Marketing in Context

Discussion of Chris Hackley (2013), Marketing in Context

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Discussion of Chris Hackley (2013), Marketing in Context Markets and Consumption, as a course, introduces all first year students who are reading management as part of their degree – that is you – to marketing, as both an academic
discipline and a business practice. How and why marketing has developed, and continues to develop, as an academic discipline underpins our approach. Treating marketing as a management practice includes assessing the application of marketing in various marketplaces. By various marketplaces, we mean that the discourse of marketing has penetrated all sectors of the economy (i.e., private, public, and voluntary or not-for-profit). In addition, as a signatory to the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME), which is based on the United Nations’ Global Compact, attention is devoted to the sustainability of marketing practices in an increasingly globalized consumer society.

The use of ‘markets’ and ‘consumption’ is, in the title of a course on marketing, part of our answer to what is taught and why it is taught. The course asks you to consider the various relationships between markets and consumption. A core concept of marketing is ‘exchange of value’. Such exchanges often take place in markets, which are marked by firms in competition. Firms are competing for consumers. This is to say the consumer is a key stakeholder. Satisfying consumers is crucial to the success of organizations. As such we seek to understand consumers and their consumption behavior and decisions in making choices among competing firms.


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