Discussion Board of Pepsico Industry

Discussion Board of Pepsico Industry

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Select a well known company (specify type of industry) with which you have some familiarity. Then, select one of the Contemporary Management Techniques listed in Blocher: ch. 1. Why and how do you feel that the contemporary management technique selected would be a positive force in helping the company achieve its critical success factors?

You will participate in two Discussion Board forums, each spanning across two weeks.  In the first week, post a new thread directly addressing the forum prompt in 200 – 400 words.  Copy and paste your thread in a SafeAssign link, which will check the level of originality in your thread.  In the next week, post a meaningful reply of 200 – 350 words to a classmate’s thread.  Please note that the management techniques are not to be capitalized.

Adhere to APA style in all posts.  In your threads, synthesize course material and demonstrate critical thinking, graduate-level writing skills, and mature reflection.  Cite the textbooks and journal articles from professional accounting and business publications.  Find at least 3 journals for Forum 1 and at least 2 scholarly sources for Forum 2.

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