discussion about Past and Present

discussion about Past and Present

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Prevention and public education go hand in hand because public education is the best way to lead to prevention of accidental injury. EMS Agenda for the future even tells us “prevention begins at home” so as a result the public has to be educated. The article Accidental Death and Disability suggest a national council on accident prevention
at the executive level that can share information and strategies that will improve standards in accident prevention. While we are still in the beginning stages I would say the current EMS system we have in place is well on its way toward better prevention in a way that is very similar to the kind recommended in Accidental Death and Disability. This can be seen by the way we see agencies like The Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the NHTSA workingtogether and sharing information now (EMS Agenda for the Future). Looking now at public education, one recommendation made in the article Accidental Death and Disability is an extension of basic and advanced life saving training to the general population. I think our current system provides a great deal of opportunities for the public to get educated. Many organizations will do cheap, sometimes even free, first aid and CPR classes for the public. EMS agenda for the future tells us that we have engage the public continuously and really hit hard in areas like prevention, early identification, health care access and initial treatment and I agree that is the best route to
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