discussion 23

discussion 23

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After watching the two video lectures and reading the assignments for this, respond to the questions below. 1. Based on the assigned materials, how do you understand the terms “scholarship” and “research” at this time? Do you think the definitions of research and scholarship are the same throughout the assigned materials? Why or why not? 2. Taking the assigned materials into consideration, how would you define research and scholarship in your own field? Give at least two specific examples. After reading Earnest Boyer’s text, answer the following questions: 3. The text Scholarship Reconsidered was published in 1990, so it is essentially a look at the academia at the close of the 1980s.
Who is the audience for this text–to whom is Dr. Boyer writing this work? Why do you think it was written? 4. Boyer’s text gives a history of scholarship in the United States. How would you characterize this history, up to 1990 when this was published? What has changed over time? What has stayed more or less the same? 5. Boyer’s text offers
definitions of scholarship, as well as categories. What are these categories? 6. Apply the categories of teaching and service to your own work so far this term. Specifically, you should think about your small group workshop for Project 1, as well as your own work on Project 1. You should also think about the essay itself you wrote for Project 1. How might your essay fit into one or more of scholarship categories? 7. Boyer stresses the important role of teaching as a
component of being a scholar. How successful were you in a teaching role as you gave feedback to other students in the workshop group? What do you think you did well? Name at least one thing you would like to improve on and do better for the next workshop.

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