Disability Response History

Disability Response History

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1. Access “Parallels In Time: A History of Developmental Disabilities” using the following URLs: http://www.mnddc.org/parallels/index.html

2. Preview all sections of the website.

3. A minimum 500-word summary (double spaced) is required for 3 (or more) of the sections/topics reviewed. You will be writing one summary that includes all 3 sections/topics. Please title all the sections that you select.

a. Ex: Pick 3 time periods from Part 1 or Part 2. (It could be 2 time periods from Part 1 and 1 time period from Part 2). Read all the subtopics in each time period and write a summary.

4. A 250 word (minimum – double space) personal reaction should follow the summary.

5. Two questions about the information you summarized should be asked at the end of your personal response.

6. And finally, write a paragraph (minimum of 250 words) on how does this information relate to course information covered so far?

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