Diet analysis

Diet analysis

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Part I. Create a 3-Day Food Intake Record

1. Record all foods, snacks, and beverages that you consume on 3 consecutive days (include 2 weekdays and 1 weekend day). Do not include any vitamin, mineral, or protein supplements that you are taking so that you can accurately evaluate your dietary intake. It will be helpful to record all food and beverages on small index cards so that you can carry them around with you. Write down the information as soon as you finish eating, since meals are difficult to remember in detail after time has passed.

2. Estimate amounts, as closely as possible, of each food item that ends up on your plate. Weigh, count food or use household measuring cups and spoons to estimate amounts and where needed refer to food labels to determine ingredients. For casseroles, soups, or hot dishes, estimate the amount of each ingredient that ends up on your plate. To help you estimate serving sizes, see the tip sheet on Moodle, and use your textbook and servings on food labels.

3. Remember to separately list salt added to foods, sugar added to cereal and beverages, cream in coffee and margarine, butter, oils or gravies you add to foods.

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