Developmental Psychology

Developmental Psychology

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1. Based on empirical research over the past 5-7 years, what is the inter-relationship of motivation and self -regulation in early development?2. Draw on recent empirical research to show how pro-social behavior develops in young children.3. How does infant attachment differ from adult attachment both in theory and in empirical study?4. What does infant attachment research predict and what are the controversies around this topic? 5. What is the role of childhood fantasy play and/or fairy tales in childhood development during the early school years? 6. How do peer relationships in middle childhood contribute to the development of a sense of self? 7. How does separation/individuation during adolescence contribute to identity formation and to what extent is this process culture-bound?8. Historically, few stage theorists have recognized young adulthood as a unique stage of development. Considering recent empirical evidence, make an argument for or against young adulthood being a separate stage of development.9. Related to young adulthood, how has the conceptualization of love and intimacy changed in industrialized and developing countries over  the last 100 years? Consider the role of culture on the development of relationships in young adulthood.10. Drawing on specific empirical research, make a case either for or against a “midlife crisis” as a normal part of adult development.11. What aspects of adult development are associated with generativity in adulthood?12. What biopsychosocial factors contribute to resilience in aging? 13. Using specific examples from the readings, with particular attention to empirical research, discuss the extent to which particular processes of development may be culture-bound.

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