Developing Global Management Competencies 2 (BI Strand)

Developing Global Management Competencies 2 (BI Strand)

Order Details:

A. A short introduction giving background, context and an outline of the report [10%]

B. A critical appraisal of the project management and planning skills required for the implementation and deployment of a core business information system in an organisation. You should base your report on the implementation of a Business Intelligence / Business Analytics solutions. You may choose to refer to some examples from your group work i.e. skills and documentation used, although it should not be solely based upon your project [40%]

C. A critical appraisal of the skills needed by a business / data analyst within an organisation to make effective use of the BI / BA system implemented. [20%

D. A conclusion providing an overall summary of the key points made and any recommendations for the successful implementation and use of a BI / BA solution in an organisation [20%]

E. The report must be supported by academic references and examples and include a single reference list. See below for further guidelines on formatting and word limits [10%]

Your report should conform to the following specification:
• Word-processed in Arial 11pt, 1½ spacing
• Pages should be numbered
• If possible, please print the assignment double-sided
• Do NOT staple the sheets together.
• The assignment should be submitted in a single polypocket.

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