Develop a business plan for a new franchise outlet for a franchise business.

Develop a business plan for a new franchise outlet for a franchise business.

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The following business plan will discuss the creation of a franchise business model named Financial Independence Advisory, short FIA. The business will provide financial planning and advisory services and was founded by Peter Jacobs, a certified Financial Planner with multiple years of experience and regulatory accreditation through his obtainment of an Australian Financial Services Licence from the Australian Securities and Investment Commission. Peter Jacobs is currently the sole owner of the business, which he has structured as a company and sought full ownership in exchange for an initial capital investment of $100,000. The business is currently seeking external funding to the amount of $50,000 to fund the forecast costs of running the business in its first year of its operations. The primary objective of the business is the provision of investment planning and wealth management advice to medium to high income households in the Melbourne suburb of South Yarra. The financial services offered include investment planning, wealth preservation, risk management and taxation planning. FIA will promote its services through various marketing channels ranging from word of mouth client referrals through to targeted online adverts via Google Ads and mailer campaigns via Australia Post.

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