The Determinants of Capital Structure

The Determinants of Capital Structure

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1. I would prefer top writer from UK since I’m under British postgraduate education. I need to get approval from my Prof before you start on writing it if you wish to change the topic to a topic that you are well versed with and easily to get secondary data for my dissertation but provided the new topic still covered capital structure and SMEs and has not been done and published by others.

2. Before you start on writing it, I need to consult my Prof. Please let me know from (a) to (f) as soon as possible:

(a)what theoretical framework that you will be using: the independent variables and dependent variables (Earlier I Plan to use specific firm
variables and macroeconomic variables)
(b)what theory you will bring in your literature review
(c)what are the hypotheses that you will be using
(d)from where you get your secondary data. Data should be latest or more recent figures (My Prof suggested me to get the data fromĀ You just need to register and the world bank will give you login id and password but you need to have stata program in order for you to open the data) You can use other source provided the data are reliable.
(e)what statistical tests involved and how you want to test the hypotheses. (My Prof suggested me to use cross sectional regression)
(f)what equation you will be using
3. The flow for my dissertation with roughly word count: Abstract (250 words), Introduction (2000 words), Literature Review & Hypotheses (5500 words), Research Methodology(800 words), Empirical Findings(1500 words), Results (4000 words), Conclusion (1200 words). You can have your own subheading for each of it.

4. Introduction should include:
(a)Explain the purpose of your paper and introduce the research issue/knowledge gap (or real life issue) to your intended area of study with support from relevant literature(Not the literature review which comes next)

(b)Clearly state your research problem (or problem statement)based on the issue/gap (real life issue) identified in background

(c)Question(s) asked to operationalise your research problem. What questions your study aimed to answer?

(d)The research objectives should follow the research problem and questions. It should clearly and succinctly state the focus and intentions of the management project.

(e) How your study contribute to the area of knowledge, profession, practice. The section should contain a description of the contributions that the study makes to the knowledge base and a narrative about the importance of the study to a specific area and/or population

5. Literature Review & Hypotheses should include:
(a)Provide literature review on the theory involved
(b) Provide literature review on constructs of all your variables, dependent and independent.
(c)Based on the literature review above, form your theoretical framework showing the relationships between all your variables (a diagram is of good help in demonstrating your framework )
(d)Hypotheses are hypothetical answers to your questions. Your study shall find evidence to confirm the answers. A good literature review usually provides you some hints.
(e)Model or equation which uses to demonstrates the relationship among your variables for testing. Define your variables.
(f)Not only on previous research but should include recent research in the literature review too.

6. Research Methodology should include:
(a)Describe the scope of your research and all of your research methods. Start by describing the process you went through in selecting particular methods of research.
(b)State the data to be collected, sources and collection methods
(c)Explain how you want to analyze your data, the statistical tests involved and how you want to test your hypotheses
7. Empirical Findings should include:
(a)Should have descriptive statistics
(b)Should include Pearson Correlation coefficient
8. Results should include:
(a)Analysis of variance
(b)The evolution of SMEs capital structure in East Asia & Pacific Region
(c)Factors affecting capital structure of SMEs in East Asia & Pacific Region

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