Describe an area with significant water and air pollution.

Describe an area with significant water and air pollution.

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Discussion Forum8 8 unread replies. 8 8 replies. This week we will discuss water and air pollution.Please write at least TWO full
paragraphs (four to five sentences each) that provide an example of the question prompt below. Use your discussion post to bring up new
ideas, while also adding to the ideas shared in previous posts. Follow these general guidelines for your discussion post:1. Introduction:
Provide a brief description of your example and at least two ways it has impacted the environment (think both locally and globally).2.
Discussion: Further discuss your example and its environmental impacts; be specific, use outside research, and cite your sources with
correctly formatted in-text citations.You use at least two outside resources (The course textbook does not count as one, though if you do
take information from it you must cite it. Do not use Wikipedia as a source).3. Conclusion: Use your research and your experiences to draw
reasonable conclusions; propose solutions when appropriate.

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