Define the theories and Analyzing “Authentic Voice”

Define the theories and Analyzing “Authentic Voice”

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Identification Short Answers: (24 Possible Points). Define each
theory/concept/term and give one example from lecture and one example
from our interactive class discussions.
The Principles of Community
Silver Ring Thing:
Hegemony Theory
Cognitive Dissonance Theory
Define this 4 theories in one page.

Essay Question: (76 Possible Points).

For full credit do the following and be sure to follow standard essay
form including:
*An introduction *Thesis statement *Body of essay *Conclusion.
Be certain to underline your thesis statement in the introduction.
Define and underline all relevant terms, theories, hypotheses,
concepts etc. in your essay.

In writing your essay, be certain to choose only one quote from the
preceding performance/lecture, documentary, or book when analyzing the
assigned quote. Each data set must be analyzed utilizing two different
characteristics from the functionalist theoretical perspective.

“Authentic Voices”:
Over time, I came to realize that it wasn’t what I was eating, but
what was eating me.
Authentic Voices actor/performer

Utilize one characteristic from historical functionalist theory
Utilize one characteristic from Davis and Moore functionalist theory

Formulate a thesis statement and state how your thesis or argument
utilizes functionalist theory to explain and/or describe the chosen
quote. Using sociological concepts and functionalist characteristics,
demonstrate the quote’s significance to sociological inquiry. Apply
both historical and contemporary functionalist theoretical
characteristics to support or refute the quote presented.

In your overall essay, you must include an underlined definition and
discussion of one (1) of the following current events with extreme
sociological import.

Misogyny, Violence and the UC Santa Barbara Community Killings
Cinco de Drinko

Paper Format:
The length of the essay part will be 5 pages.
Use internal citations such as (Axtell, 2011) or (Kiburi, 4/29/13).
You may omit a “References Cited” page or a Bibliography.
Use double spacing, a 12-point font and 1-inch margins on both sides.

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