Data Backup/Disaster Planning

Data Backup/Disaster Planning

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Research paper:

· An Introduction – general description of the organization and how the system meets the organization’s business needs (overview of the system’s functionality – what it does).

· Benefits, disadvantages and any noted synergisms of the system

· An overview of your methodology including: Holism vs. Reductionism:

o A description of System’s Thinking( you have already written a 5page  )

o A description of the Systems Development Life Cycle (Plug in B 14,  (top – p. 29, bottom p.499): include all seven stages of the SDLC, and risk factors (describing mitigation when appropriate) of each of the SDLC stages( I have a 3 page notes on this as well), also include the approach used for the Development Methodologies (waterfall, RAD, XP, or Agile)

Data Back-up/Disaster planning
· Impact of implementation – A description of administrative  procedures – human and process changes; any changes in organization policies or enhancements to include training requirements

· Appendices (Examples: business case, project plan, contracts,  etc…that supported any of the phases in the system development life cycle).

This is a research paper, and students are encouraged to look both  inside and outside the ‘box’ for gaining knowledge. Much of the  information gathered will be through personal communications, and must be documented (APA) appropriately.

 Part II – Critique:

When you have completed and submitted the research paper, you will write a 5-7 page critique evaluating the processes encountered in the research
of your system. Attention should be placed on process  analysis, the effectiveness of the initial planning, risk assessment,  and advantages of using both holism and reductionism in understanding the system you analyzed. Also, discuss the implementation of the system from an ethical perspective (examples: organization, leadership, training, etc).. Note: the critique serves as the Structured External Assignment for the course.

Pre-Written Pages:  17


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