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The main focus of this paper is explaining the role of “DASH Diet” in Hypertension (THIS PAPER SHOULD HAVE AT LEAST 1 CITATION PER PARAGRAPH) This paper should discuss the following points as an introduction – The burden of hypertension in society (EX: how common it is, how it affects peoples and why it happens. This should connect to unhealthy eating habits of people ) 2- Breifly touch on types of therapies that can help control the hypertension (Just mention what they are such as there are drug therapies available, healthy living style modifications, and “DASH Diet”” SO far what was mentioned should be about page and a half (1 1/2) -Main Focus is 3– Introduce what the “Dash Diet” is 4- How it works-5- **VERY IMPORTANT**Talk about how effective it is in decreasing hypertension(you should include the conclusion of 2 trials to make the point -see the link it have pasted it’s a very good guide (for the rest of the paper other points of the “dash diet” such as benefits and ease of following it for people 6- Finally conclude that it is a great and easy way to help control and decrease hypertension in people.


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