Dairy Crest Group PLC (DCG.L)

Dairy Crest Group PLC (DCG.L)

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i want you to do an equity reports like the ones generated at brokerages and investment banks about dairy crest group plcĀ https://uk.finance.yahoo.com/q?s=DCG.L in this report i want you to talk about the health of the company (profitability , liquidity , solvency , efficiency)using financial ratios as well as i want you to do a dcf valuation as well as a valuation using multiples and pls add the excel sheets as appendix (appendix not included in the word count) as well as a bottom up and a top down analysis of the company and industry but pls make sure that you are within the word count limit 2500 words and pls show your forecasts in the excel sheets …i will upload further information pls make sure that you read it thoroughly…and pls dont add references as i am supposed to use only online data as well as my own views…..thank you

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