cyber crime and computer forensics investigation

cyber crime and computer forensics investigation

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Court Cases The biggest mistake that investigators can make is to implicate the wrong person for a crime. Investigators must be careful when communicating information to law enforcement, ISPs, and other third parties because transcription errors in search warrants and other documents can cause confusion and waste time, and lead to unforeseen consequences” (Eoghan Casey , 2011, p. 259.)

Let’s talk what can happen (has happened) in criminal cases involving digital evidence. You will need to report out what has happened (or is happening right now) in a real case. Use the readings and the resources available through online searches to identify a case. Can’t locate any cases? Try these databases:• K&L Gates blog/website ( ). The site contains both case summaries and an electronic discovery case database of over 2,000 electronic discovery cases from federal and state jurisdictions, dating from 2004 to present. The database allows you to filter your search by e-discovery rules, context, particular issues as well as by keyword.The report should include:

1) a brief summary of the case which includes how digital evidence was involved,

2) your evaluation (backed by facts) of the clarity of the presentation of the digital forensic analysis, and

3) your evaluation (backed by facts) that the court decision was consistent (or not consistent) with the evidence as presented.

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