Customer Service Management Analysis

Customer Service Management Analysis

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Students will individually select an organization, assess its customer service and professional selling effectiveness and make recommendations to improve its business results though improved customer relationships, professional selling and sales management approaches. They will deliver a presentation to the class and a
written report to the instructor and organization. This project will incorporate important concepts and frameworks introduced throughout the course and will demonstrate the students’ ability to understand and properly apply these concepts in real-life contexts.Parameters and guidelines for the assessment are as follows:• Select an organization, e.g., a corporation, company, firm or association (ideally, an organization which you have some interest in joining) for in-depth analysis of their customer services. • The research report should be approximately 10-15 pages (double spaced) with well documented references. • This research should incorporate wide array of data sources to cover all different aspects of sales and customer service management in detail and suggests meaningful recommendation to the company.

1. IntroductionBackground and Context: Discuss type of industry, products/services, existing channels, competition in the context of sales and customer service, and how organizational vision and strategies have influenced their sales and customer service management.

2. Analysis of Personal Selling & Sales Management Approach

3. Analysis of Customer Service & Customer Turn offs

3.1 Analysis of Organizational Systems, Policies &Culture

3.2 Analysis of Individual Actions

4. Analysis of the Use of Data and Technology for Sales & Customer Service

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