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Customer Focus\n\nCustomer focus has been growing in importance where once management attention was devoted to operations and finance.
 For a service agency with two levels of customers—the client and the client’s customers—responsiveness to customer needs is complex.\n\nImagine you are the director of research and strategy at Orlando Bizline.
 One of the clients asks you to organize a research project to evaluate their customer focus and care. Develop a presentation for your team on the importance of customer focus and your plan of action.
What improvements to customer service at the client’s company would you recommend?\nPlace appropriate text on the screen and write the complete text in the speaker’s notes area. Use graphical elements as appropriate.\n\n2 pages\n\n.\n\nAssignment 2 Grading Criteria \nMaximum Points\nReviewed theoretical literature on customer focus. \n12\nRecommended ways to improve customer focus based on case study information and research. \n12\nPresented information in a logical and persuasive manner and used design elements appropriate for the content and the target audience.

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