Culture and Policy Development

Culture and Policy Development

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Is it possible for a health policy to fail due to cultural factors?
How important is it for the community to get involved with the
decision-making process during policy development? After reading your
Learning Resources this week, you will recognize the significance in
cultural awareness and health policy development. For this Assignment,
you consider community engagement in policy development.
To prepare for this Assignment, complete the readings and view the
media in your Learning Resources. Consider the importance of beliefs
and behaviors when developing health policies.
The Assignment (3 pages):
Explain the importance of culturally appropriate health policies.
Explain how one can develop a policy so that it gets the support of
the community.
Explain how you might engage the community to be part of the voice
when developing a policy.
Expand on your insights utilizing the Learning Resources.
Use APA formatting for your Assignment and to cite your resources.
Submit your Assignment by Day 7.


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