Cultural Exchange Program

Cultural Exchange Program

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In the future, I would love to have my business. The business purpose is to help the students from my country which is Martinique to come to United States for an exchange program. \nCourse Requirements: \n

1.Choose a topic that can be researched in one semester and that will allow students to demonstrate their academic program learning.\n

2.Complete all sections of the Capstone in a timely manner.\n

3.Use Cambridge College’s online library and other libraries to conduct scholarly research.\n

4.Write an annotated bibliography of ten scholarly sources\n

5.Read, paraphrase, and quote and summarize scholarly sources\n6.Find patterns and contradictions in the literature\n

7.Organize your reasoning through conceptual outlining\n8.Complete a 7 pages, ten-source literature review\n

9.Demonstrate an understanding of the elements of an academic paper (abstract, introduction, literature review, discussion or business plan, conclusion, and references).\n

10.Prepare an original final paper of approximately 25-30 pages in accordance with APA documentation style standards about a topic selected by the student and approved by the instructor.\n\nI will need you to work back and forth with me. If you need anything about my country to write this business plan, please feel free to ask me. I would like to mention that I was an Au Pair for 2 years, so that why I have this envy to share this experience and help students to do the same. Being an Au Pair is for at least 1 year, but the program I want to create is with different schools in Martinique, for mostly High School or College students are for a short period of time.

I will also send you some information that you should follow while you are writing this paper, I will upload it as soon as I can. However, for the source feel free to use any primary sources. I also have a map that I did myself, with all the different step I need to develop this business, I will share it with you. \n\nThanks \n

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