Cultural Differences in Workplace Communication

Cultural Differences in Workplace Communication

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Question 1:

Martin, Nakayama state that communication challenges in business
contexts can reflect cultural differences in work-related values,
language issues, communication styles, and business etiquette, as well
as issues related to diversity, prejudice, and discrimination.
(Martin, 312.) Respond to the following:
Identify those cultural differences in communication in your
workplace. What strategies do you use to work with these differences
in a productive way?

Question 2:
(Within Course e-Textbook) – From Russia With Love – Consider what
Martin, Nakayma say about language issues in Ch. 11; and what Phatak,
et al. say about the cross-cultural communication process and “noise”
in Ch. 9 – answer the questions:
1. Should Nicholai’s/Bill’s visit focus initially and/or primarily on
trust-building activities or on technical details of negotiating and
implementing the Joint Agreement?
2. What parts of Nicholai’s/Bill’s visit were well managed by his
hosts, and what parts were not well managed?
3. How should Nicholai/Bill organize his presentation to the Board of
General Managers/Monthly Planning Update Meeting? Should Nicholai/Bill
limit the use of data and use feelings and impressions, or should they
use a more quantitative approach?

Question 3:
Answer multiple choice questions which will be sent separate as an
attachment in and briefly state why you chose that


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