Cultural Competence in Indigenous Health Care

Cultural Competence in Indigenous Health Care

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This assignment is an opportunities for you to tell a story of a
specific Indigenous health topic highlighting the interventions and
outcome for the client. The client can be either from a personal or
professional perspective. The main requirement of the assignment is a
biography of an Indigenous person or an autobiography (if you are an
Indigenous person yourself) as a representative or personalisation of
a specific health topic and outcome. This is about putting the face to
the facts as it were and telling the story that comes with the
statistics. You can choose an Indigenous person involved either as a
client or as a worker in an Indigenous health setting, tell their
story and link the story to past and present government policies thus
giving a broad overview of the Indigenous health issue.

This assignment addresses the following Learning Objectives:

1. The benefits of working cross culturally

2. An understanding of working in partnership

3. Linking historical factors and background to health.

4. Articulating the relationships between historical, cultural,
legislative, policy and practice factors that affect the health and
wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and the
implications for nursing and health care provision.

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