Cultural Aspects of News/Information/Series/Advertising Analysis

Cultural Aspects of News/Information/Series/Advertising Analysis

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Cultural Aspects of News/Information/Series/Advertising AnalysisChoose a country in which English (or French?) is widely spoken, there are many. A Google search for “Nigeria newspaper” would work, for example.

Other countries that come to mind include South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Kenya, India, Pakistan, The Philippines, Israel… (I Chose Israel) – The country of research is Israel

Analyze newspaper/other print stories or news/information/series/advertising content from television with regard to cultural peculiarities in the content’s format, content, use of photographs, selection/omission, other bias etc. If you analyze news, look at both news stories and opinion pieces. Apply intercultural communication concepts – value orientations, group histories, national histories, “grand narratives”, social and cultural identities — from the text

The Text being used and referred to is: Experienceing Intercultural Communication 5th edition written by Judith N. Martin / Thoman K. Nakayama McGraw Hill International Edition ((chapters 2: INTERCULTURAL COMMUNICATION, 3: HISTORY AND INTERCULTURAL COMMUNICATION & 4: IDENTITY AND INTERCULTURAL COMMUNICATION), and include copies or citations of the articles or television content.

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