Cross-Culture Intraction: US and Asia

Cross-Culture Intraction: US and Asia

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Based on your reading of Walter LaFeber’s “The Clash”, Michael Schaller’s “The United States and China”, and the unequal treaties of, write a paper (5-6-page, typed, double spaced) describing the basic characteristics of the unequal treaties and discussing their impacts on China and Japan.First of all, describe the process of the appear as the Imperial gift “tributary trade” and followed by “with the tribute trade” is the main form of official trade. Until the Opium War after the defeat of the Qing court signed the “Treaty of Nanjing”, a symbol of China as the center of the celestial system disintegration; in terms of external relations, Sino-foreign tributary relations between was replaced by the Treaty regime. From the up and down of Guangzhou 13 foreign firms was observed from the transformation of the tributary¬†system of the Treaty System.Secondly, more than 160 years ago, the United Kingdom dispatched Expeditionary Force arrived off the coast of Guangdong, Sino-British opium war broke out, this war has reopened the beginning of modern Chinese history, announced that the traditional¬†fate of Imperial collapse. Traditional Chinese, whether in the social, economic and ideological levels are encountered for thousands of years and some change. Fuses serve in this war the opium trade actually contains the tribute trade and capital conflicts of two distinct cultures of imperialism.

Thirdly, after explore these events, and you have to write about what the writer’s thought which according to these two books which are Walter LaFeber’s “The Clash”, and Michael Schaller’s “The United States and China”.In addition, the attachment is the unequal treaties which are the “Treaty of Nanjing” and “Treaty of Tianjin”, and the cover of two books which you need to read to get what writer’s thought.Please must to read the books. And I need sources which need come from these two books, or you can search some information you need on the internet. Just write about this period of history, and the reason why China need to sign the Treaty of Nanjing and the Treaty of Tianjin, don’t write about recent years.The “Treaty of Nanjing” is one of China’s modern history the Chinese Government and defeat non-East Asian countries need to reach open trade treaty exactly.22-light (1842), the Qing dynasty with the United Kingdom’s defeat in the first opium war. In 1943, the Republic of China nationalist government signed an agreement with Britain and the United States respectively, repealing a number of rights gained through unequal treaties, such as the extraterritorial jurisdiction.The “Treaty of Tianjin” is in 1858 a the Qing dynasty Government defeat in the second opium war and after Russia, the United States and the United Kingdom, and France sign a series of unequal treaties in Tianjin.

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