Cross Cultural management

Cross Cultural management

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The Harvard Referencing System must be used. The Wikipedia website
must not be referenced in your work.

On successful completion of this assignment you will be able to:
1. Discuss critically the concept of culture and approaches to the
study of culture, explaining its usefulness and relevance to a range
of issues of management and organisation.
2. Provide a critical account of the main theoretical approaches to
cross-cultural management.
3. Use these theories to analyse problems and issues of organisation
and management in a context of increasing cultural diversity, and to
recommend how they may be addressed.
4. Evaluate the implications of culture and/or language for business
5. Identify the effect of global communications on disparate cultures.
6. Appraise the problems of managing across cultures and propose
considered solutions.

Your Task

Pick an organisation that you are familiar with and one that you can
find ample academic sources on.
Your task is to identify a cultural problem within an organisation,
such as miscommunication or misunderstanding between managers and
employees. Find the source of the problem in different conceptions,
values, or assumptions. Speculate on the origins of the different
conceptions in history, religion, geography, etc. Indicate how the
misunderstanding was or could be overcome or diminished.

Here are example of possible paper topics:

1. A cultural conflict or a cultural change in a corporation or
agency. How did different groups perceive the change and/or act to
sustain their view of what is appropriate?

2.An anecdote from your academic research involving increased cultural
awareness. Describe an experience of miscommunication with two persons
from different countries. Or, describe how an activity is performed
differently in two countries or corporations. How would people explain
why they do what they do.


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