Critically analyse the L’Oreal (A) & (B) case study frameworks.

Critically analyse the L’Oreal (A) & (B) case study frameworks.

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Critically analyze the L’Oreal (A) & (B) case study, utilizing appropriate organizational theory and frameworks.



1) find and call attention to flaws and errors

2) involves skilful judgment as to truth or meritAnalyse: a breakdown of component parts and their relationships.

2.Introduce the arguments and decide and discuss what is good, and what is bad.Critical analysis is not about picking fault, it is about deciding how useful and worthwhile the work, methodology and the arguments presented are; deciding how much the work has contributed to your understanding, or the world’s understanding, of a topic.

3.Critically Analyse: Do not be descriptive but critique, consider,evaluate the content and principles of the theory.What are the main issues and themes?It is a process of assessing the relative merit of a piece of work, which may have been presented.In what way do these issues and themes inform you about the topic?E.g.

a) Is it logically valid.

b) Is it internally consistent.

c) Does it cohere with what weknow of the wider world.

d) Has it ever been applied in practice.

e) If “yes”, what were the results.

If “no”, does it have any practical applications.You must consider and evaluate the claims made by the theorists, “experts”, official bodies, journalists etc that you have read.Use to consider it consisting of three parts: the basic premise; the actual claims or consequences deriving from this; and some sort of conclusion.

4.To expand on this analysis and to develop your own argument you need to:

a) similarities and differences.b) what are the conditions relating to the claim.c) examine the conditions relating to the claim. (presenting new ideas or interpretations based upon your understanding of the material; critical analysis often results in new ideas, this is part of the learning process. don’t be afraid to follow up your hunches and intuition with further reading and research, but again applying critical analysis to the material. critical thinking should be a constant process and you should train yourself to notice and record questions in your maid as they arise.)d) learn to think from a “perspective”.e) knowing the broader picture is essential for critical thinking.

5.Thinking: What extent is something true or not and why?What extent do you agree or not and why?Provide evidence to support and contradict your argument. Finally write a conclusion to the matter.What are the important factors you have identified.

6.Using reasoning and argument.Backed up with carefully selected evidence either examples or references or both.Writing style puts forward the merits and demerits of the topic.Consider the context and style the questions requires from you.7.Maximum Word Length: 3200 words Your answer has to have a word count excluding the list of references but including citations between 3175 and 3200 anything outside of these boundaries will incur a penalty.Unless otherwise specified, the word count is for the main body of the text and ignores the reference list and appendices. If you exceed the word length you will be penalised.

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