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Critical Writing

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Study Books Used in Class: Lee, N. & Greenley, G. (2010) ‘The theory-practice divide: thoughts from the editors and senior advisory board of EJM’, European Journal of Marketing, 44 (1-2), pp.5-20 Hughes, T., O’Regan, N. & Wornham, D. (2009) ‘Let’s talk: getting business and academia to collaborate’, Journal of Business Strategy, 30 (5), pp.49-56

Description: Jaideep Praibhu (cited in Lee & Greenley, 2010) observes that we need both rigour and relevance in our business management practice. In a 5×4 matrix, with 4 positions(Owner-Manager; Supervisor; Senior Technician; and Junior Technician)And 5 topic areas(Managing Future; Managing Self; Managing Finances ; Managing Staff; Managing Customers) choose any ONE of position above, and explain how people of that position level might use the principles of Critical Action Learning to improve their capability in managing the 5 topic areas


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