Critical thinking

Critical thinking

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Directions: Provide Short complete answers to ALL the following 23
questions based on research and investigation of the topic. Use
in-text citations to references and properly cite all references in
CMS format

1A new nurse assigned to the postpartum mother—baby unit makes a
comment to the oncoming shift that Ms. Griffin, a 25-year-old
primipara, seems lazy and shows no initiative in taking care of
herself or her baby. The nurse reported that Ms. Griffin talks
excesively about her labor and birth experience and seems preoccupied
with herself and her needs, not her newborn’s care. She wonders if
something is wrong with this mother because she seems so self-centered
and has to be directed to do everything.
a. Is there something “wrong” with Ms. Griffin’s behavior? Why Or why not?
b. What maternal role phase is being described by the new nurse?
c. What role can the nurse play to support the mother through this phase?
2. Mrs. Lenhart, a primipara, gave birth to a healthy baby boy
yesterday. Her husband John seemed elated at the birth, calling his
friends and family on his cell phone minutes after the birth. He
passed out cigars and praised his wife for her efforts. Today, when
the nurse walked into their room, Mr. Lenhart seemed very anxious
around his new son and called for the nurse whenever the baby cried or
needed a diaper change. He seemed standoffish when asked to hold his
son, and he spent time talking to other fathers in the waiting room,
leaving his wife alone in the room.


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