Critical analysis essay

Critical analysis essay

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Instructions: 1. Choose one of the excerpts below and read it closely, thinking about the author�s approach to the understanding of an object. 2. Choose an object that fits the scope of this course (European or non-European, up to the year 1800 CE). *(Glazed brick wall relief of lion) (604 to 562 BC). 3. Write a research essay that responds to the excerpt through an investigation of your chosen object. 4. Use your research to provide a cultural, political, artistic and/or historical context for the object. 5. Ensure that you both identify and discuss the major arguments, issues, and questions brought up by your selected excerpt and apply them to the selected object. Important details: 1. Your essay should be 5-6 pages (c. 1250-1500 words). It should be typed, double-spaced, with 1� margins, using a 12-pt font (Times New Roman, Arial or similar) on 8 � x 11� paper. It should be stapled and page numbered. Please include your TA�s name as well as your name and student number. 2. Include a clear and assertive thesis statement at the beginning of your essay (tip: it would make sense to stake out a position relative to your chosen excerpt). 3. Include a reproduction or rendering for your object, along with complete information (artist, title, date, medium etc.). 4. Include a bibliography of works cited AS WELL AS citations (whether footnotes or in-text parenthetical references) using either MLA or Chicago. Please use three scholarly sources (i.e. peer-reviewed journal articles or monographs). 5. The largest part of your mark will be calculated according to the content of your essay, but the organization of your discussion and the style of your writing will also be considered.

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