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 Goal: Identification of the Criminal Proceeding to be observed for Part 2Using online resources and personal communication, the student will identify a specific local courthouse or tribunal and choose a  particular criminal proceeding to observe for this project. The student will submit a written summary of the aforementioned information. This assignment requires a title page. Any sources given must be submitted in current APA format. Note: Proceedings pursuant to
the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) may qualify. The student  must have the instructor’s approval beforehand. Law enforcement officials should observe a case with which they have no direct  affiliation, if possible. Since the observation will be as a graduate student in criminal justice and not as a witness, a prior case will usually not be an acceptable substitute.

The intent of this assignment is to educate the graduate criminal justice student about the realities of the criminal trial system versus its characterization by the media. The student is expected to  examine the flow, nuances, and actors within criminal trial proceedings from an objective perspective. The estimated time of observation is 4 hours or less.The preference is that this observation should be in person; however, for some, this may not be practical. If the student desires an exception to the in person requirement, he/she should contact his/her course instructor.As Part 1 is due in Module/Week 3, student requests for exceptions must be made within the first two modules/weeks of the term and clearly articulated in a manner that allows the instructor to make a timely decision.If after a case is selected, the case is continued or rescheduled, the student may request an extension or seek an exception from the course instructor.The instructor can permit a student to complete the assignment by observing a criminal proceeding online. The following web site provides video streaming that is not edited for the television or the “infotainment” industry and is approved as the best alternative to the sights, sounds, and flow of an actual criminal courtroom: United States Courts

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