creating plan

creating plan

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Please research and develop 3-5 main long-range goals for your plan.

This should involve the use of data and external research to substantiate that the goals are realistic. What are the social issues you plan to address?

In developing these goals, please use SMART goals as guide.


In order for goals to be meaningful and impactful, they should have the following factors in each goal: (Each factor has some guiding questions to help you)

1) Specific:

 What do I want to accomplish?

 Why do I want to accomplish this?

 What are the requirements?

 What are the constraints?

2) Measurable:

 How will I measure my progress?

 How will I know when the goal is accomplished?

3) Actionable/Achievable:

 How can the goal be accomplished?

 What are the logical steps I should take?

4) Realistic:

 Is this a worthwhile goal?

 Is this the right time?

 Do I have the necessary resources (or can I reasonably find/attain them) to accomplish this goal?

 Is this goal in line with my long term objectives?

5) Time Based:

 How long will it take to accomplish this goal?

 When is the completion of this goal due?

 When will I work on this goal?

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