Create an individual sales manual on a sales company of your choosing

Create an individual sales manual on a sales company of your choosing

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This is for my MKT 245 class a professional sales and selling class. You can use your imagination a little bit but mostly derive from the facts. the company i am choosing is AVON please follow all of the outlines and guidelines for this

Suggested Outline for Preparation of Manual
Title Page
A. Name of product to be sold. (makeup, clothing, fragrances)
B. Name of company you are selling for. (AVON)
C. Course name and number.
D. Your name and date.
I. Developing a Personal Selling Philosophy
A. Describe the marketing setting (e.g., retail, wholesale,
manufacturing, or service).
B. Describe the role of personal selling in this setting.
C. Describe the typical salesperson’s training to become a consultant/problem-solving type of salesperson.
II. Developing a Relationship Strategy
A. Describe the typical relationship between salesperson and customer
in this field.
B. Describe the appropriate salesperson’s attitude.
C. Describe the appropriate salesperson’s appearance.
D. Describe the methods used to strengthen a long-term relationship
for repeats and referrals.
E. Describe your communication style.
III. Developing a Product Strategy
A. Description of company
B. Description of product/created product solution
C. Description of technical expertise needed by salesperson
D. Develop feature benefits worksheet. (See Table 6.2)
E. Is this a new and emerging or mature and well-established product?
F. Will you use a price or value-added product strategy?


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