Create a Newspaper

Create a Newspaper

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Choose 1 of the following projects to complete to show your understanding of the novel you have read. This project should require a significant amount of time beyond just reading the book, do not rush your project. Regardless of the project you choose you should include information relating and showing your understanding of: the plot of the story, the characters involved, the themes or big ideas in the story, and your opinion of the book.

a. Create a newspaper for the town/city your story takes place in. Have the stories and features of the newspaper be about the characters and events in your novel. Your newspaper should contain information about the characters, setting, plot, and theme(s) of the novel. The newspaper should be informative and must contain text and pictures. Be creative! Use the computer to type your newspaper. Newspaper: Orb. Make a soundtrack to your book. Choose 10 – 15 songs and make a soundtrack that connects you’re your book. Then write liner notes, a short paragraph for each song you have selected explaining why you chose that song, what part of the book the song connects to. Songs could be chosen to represent a characters and event in the novel or to tie in with a larger theme throughout the book. You do not need to include an actual copy of the music but can if you want. Liner notes must be typed.

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