Cotemporary Ccanadian Social Welfare Policy

Cotemporary Ccanadian Social Welfare Policy

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The content of the overall assignment must include: What is the contemporary Canadian social welfare issue under study? What is the social problem that it attempts to address? Why was this particular area chosen? (5)

The definition of the issue should be discussed, based on the literature, and evidence should be provided of its size and who it affects.  Also, is it changing over time, and in what way?

  • In detail, describe how is this issue being addressed currently? (5)
  • Development of a particular policy, legislation, or law?
  • Development of a new program or strategy?
  • Changes in funding allocation?

This should be a detailed up-to-date, comprehensive description of the range of legislation, policy and programs that now target the issue.  This may involve action by several levels of government using multiple policy levers.

  1. c) Describe the history of the issue and how it has been addressed (5)

This should include a comprehensive description of how the issue was perceived by policymakers at various points in time, and how policies, legislation, programs and funding have changed (or not) over time.

  1. d) Who is responsible for how the issue is being addressed currently (i.e., government [federal, provincial, municipal], the non-profit sector, the private sector, individuals/families)? (2)

Describe the range of responsible parties and their various roles.

  1. d) Provide a detailed critique of the social welfare program or policy. Comprehensive information should be collected on the program so that the student is very familiar with the program. (10)
  • Has the program or policy been effective or useful? (i.e., has it reduced or eliminated the problem of which it was intended to solve?)
  • Are there any unintended or unanticipated consequences of the program or policy?
  • What is the ideology that informs the program policy?

i.e Liberal, neoliberal, conservatives, neoconservatives, Marxist etc

The researcher should comprehensively synthesize findings of relevant research and evaluation, as well as opinions expressed by experts and stakeholders.  Statistics on changes in the rate or seriousness of the problem should be reviewed.  The policy or program should also be analysed based on logic and theory.

  1. e) What are the implications for social work “clients”? (3)

Clients of particular settings should be identified, and implications described.  The logic of the argument is central.

  1. f) What is the relevance to the social work profession in Canada? (1)

The writer should identify implications for social workers as a professional group, and supply logical arguments.

  1. g) How might the response be improved to better address the issue (i.e., suggest a change, an alternate or preferred program or policy and relevant implications)? (4)
  • You may want to consider what is being done in other countries and research on the issue.

You must clearly state what the change should be and the evidence that it would be an improvement.  Describe what aspect of the program or policy it might improve.

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