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I appreciate the assist. Good Job so far, but some work needs to be done. See attached. It includes your input as well as mine. Please focus on Section 2 and 3 only. I am not sure if the valuation is correct or not, but valuations are so subjective it is somewhat irrelevant. For 2 and 3 what I need is a detailed explanation of how you arrived at the data you did, also make sure tables are clear in the information they present. Include for section (2) 500 additional words of explanation and section (3) 300 additional words or so describing the steps you took get the information you did. The information is just describing the process behind the math, no need to to additional calculations. i.e.SECTION 2-If the number 36 is determined by trial and error by changing the number of units sold and when NPV becomes zero then that is the break even number, then explain that process in detail. -Also no mention of ROIC in valuations – makes one question long term sustainability, so add something concerning this please-Talk through how you calculated the size of vla market and demand-For npv show how you calculated order plan- revenue, ebitda (Yes add it back), tax assumptions, launch aid return-for breakeven number isn’t important explain how you got thereSECTION 3-Add more verbiage on assumptions.-Add process utilized to estimated value of the Airbus project. This value needs to be a number and the process needs to be explained.

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