Corporate Governance Benchmarking Project

Corporate Governance Benchmarking Project

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Corporate Governance Benchmarking Project – Individual Piece of Coursework

This project will make reference to a wide range of techniques to be considered,

both conceptual issues emanating from the academic literature and business press,

reflecting practice.

Such an approach, engaging the worlds of theory and practice, will allow students

to demonstrate: critical evaluation and synthesis of complex issues and material;

clear evidence of relevant applications informed by current research and practice

in the area; and wide knowledge and depth of understanding of complex and

specialised principles and the development of ideas and practice.

Consequently, the successful completion of such a programme of work will allow

students to present a project that is academically rigorous, professionally relevant

and educationally relevant. Word length: 3,000 – 3,500 words.

The coursework could take the following format. Benchmarking exercise of

company and sector could include the following steps:

1. Introduction – setting the scene:

 Briefly introduce the subject of corporate governance and how it has

developed; and

 Briefly introduce the sector and case company selected, why it was chosen in

particular, including: rationale for selecting: (i). the sector; and (ii). the case

company. Useful resource: Keynote database.

2. Benchmarking process:

 Benchmarking of the case company can then be undertaken using materials

encountered in the module, based around three corporate governance topics

of your choice. These could include subjects such as risk management, CSR,

boards, stakeholder engagement, ethics, board committees, board structures,

the role of directors, amongst others – the choice of corporate governance

topics is for you to decide. Three issues are usually a sufficient number to choose.

 The sections of the benchmarking process could employ the following types of

approach to investigating the issues you choose, involving:

o Applying academic and theoretical corporate governance approaches

to corporate governance issues as they affect the case company, e.g.

agency theory, stakeholder theory, shareholder value approach,

stakeholder approach, enlightened shareholder approach, amongst

others. Useful resources: textbooks, lecture notes and ABI Global Package


o Applying technical and practical guidance to the issues as they relate to

the company and covered in the course of lectures. Useful resources:

textbooks, lecture notes, Financial Reporting Council website

( – Corporate Governance section; and

o Matching the governance claims of the companies with their actions in

practice, using good quality media sources. Useful media sources can be

secured through the Nexis UK database on the University library website.

3. Concluding section: this could bring together the various sources of evidence

reviewed in the main piece above, allowing a critical evaluation of materials.

Observations could be made on the practices and processes evidenced, with a

view to drawing conclusions on the standards of governance encountered.

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