Consumer behavior

Consumer behavior

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CASE DISCUSSIONS AND WRITE-UP Case analyses are key to the development of your abilities to select, evaluate and apply concepts, models and theories of consumer behavior to effective marketing strategy formulation. We will be discussing each in this class. The focus of the case discussions will be on identifying the problem faced by the company and formulating a solution, in the form of a set of recommendations, supported by thorough analyses of the consumer behavior issues inherent to the case. In discussing a case (both in class and in your written analysis), do not merely restate facts; do not describe what the president or marketing manager did as we all have read the case and we are familiar with the facts.

The business situations presented in the cases are complex and frequently involve a series of interrelated problems. What I am looking for is your insight into the key problem(s). For example, in discussing a case, draw on your knowledge of consumer decision making, information processing, cultural influences, market segmentation and other topics covered in class. Application of consumer behavior concepts to the case and the interpretation of the key issues in the case in terms of these concepts and frameworks will be rewarded.

To prepare for the discussion of the case in class:Read the case carefully – once is usually not enough, you will probably need to re-read it in order to assimilate the salient issues. Read the relevant chapters in the textbook.Think about the key questions outlined for the case, not merely those that you need to address in
the write-up but any additional questions that you think should be included for discussion. Make notes that will help you participate actively in the class discussion. Make sure to include in your notes questions or comments that strike you as being important to the topics we have been discussing in class

Focus on the following issues:

(i) Identify the key problem facing the company

(ii) Identify the various alternative solutions that the company could potentially pursue

(iii) Analyze and interpret the information in the case using concepts and frameworks of consumer behavior. This includes interpreting the problem in terms of consumer behavior. For example, is the low market share caused by poor awareness or negative attitude towards the product?

(iv)Propose your solution to the problem supported by data or commentary that ties to concepts.

(iii) In proposing a solution, keep the following points in mind:

(a) Is the proposed solution sensible? Has it been “pulled out of thin air” or does it make sense in light of the material presented in the case and your CB analysis?

(b)Consider both the pros and cons of your solution; do not be one-sided in your analysis.

(v) Choose a specific course of action. Does it follow from your analysis? Expand the course action (e.g. specifics of the 4 P‘s) and discuss implementation issues (e.g. potential problems/concerns and your contingency plans). CASE WRITE-UPSFor each of these cases you will assume that you are a marketing consultant hired by the company that is the subject of the case to respond to the strategic marketing questions outlined for each case. Your report should be no more than 1
page single-spaced.

Here is a suggested format for the write-ups:

1.Very short paragraph defining the central problem facing the company.

2.One or two paragraphs describing your proposed solution to this problem and underlying support for this solution.Be sure to incorporate consumer behavior concepts into your arguments.

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