Concluding essay about culture

Concluding essay about culture

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Writing assignment: Concluding essay about culture Write 500–600 words in response to the following prompt
For your concluding essay, you will explain how three “things” (concept, exercise, an article, an image or video) from this course relate to your “Initial Essay” that you wrote at the beginning of the term (the assignment located in the course’s “Initial and Concluding Essays” folder, where you wrote about your culture and an intercultural encounter you’d had; you should be able to review it by going into that assignment). The three “things” you choose could relate to your initial essay in various ways: they might address a misconception about culture in your “Initial Essay”, or they could label a great insight you had in your “Initial Essay” and so on. Simply do the following:

1.Select the three things you want to write about. Depending on how your mind works, you may have to select something and start writing a bit before you decide if it is a good choice or not. Although there is no “right” or “wrong” thing, in most cases, try to strike a balance between “too general” (e.g. choosing a general concept like “culture”) or “too specific” (e.g. simply describing the “video about saying no in Japan” without explaining its broader significance to your initial essay). Focus on picking “things” that you can clearly relate to your initial essay.


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