Concluding culture essay

Concluding culture essay

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For your concluding essay, write about the two most important “things” (concept, exercise, an article, an image or video) from this course that you believe relate to your “Initial Essay” that you wrote at the beginning of the term. The two “things” you choose could relate to your initial essay in various ways: they might address a misconception about culture in your “Initial Essay”, they could label a great insight you had in your “Initial Essay”, and so on. To help you write a good essay, address the following questions and organize your essay by inserting in your essay the following FOUR HEADINGS BELOW WHICH ARE IN BOLD TYPE AND ALL CAPS:1 INTRODUCTIONIn one short introductory paragraph, restate what you wrote about in your initial essay, and briefly describe the two things you chose to write about here and why you chose them. Important suggestion: Although there is no “right” or “wrong” thing, in most cases, try to strike a balance between “too general” (e.g. choosing a general concept like “culture”) or “too specific” (e.g. simply describing the “video about saying no in Japan” without explaining its broader significance to your initial essay). Focus on picking two “things” that you can clearly relate to your initial essay. You may have to select a variety of “things” and start writing a bit before you decide what your best two choices are.

2 THING NUMBER ONEWrite one or more paragraphs that address the following topics:A) Name the concept using all capital letters (e.g. “LEVELS OF CULTURE”) and cite its source (example: “Module 3: Part 1: Definitions of Culture”, section subtitled “Levels of Culture”).In most cases, you will write a better essay if you do not pick something too general such as “culture” or “stereotypes” instead, you’d want “levels of culture” or “media based stereotypes”. Or instead of choosing “cautions about culture” which refers to a long list, say “culture is contextual” which is one of the cautions about culture we mentioned.B) Write 2 to 3 sentence summary or description of what this thing is about.C) Explain how this concept adds depth to your initial essay you wrote at the beginning of the term.Please clarify the relationship by brieflyciting relevant quotes from your essay and if necessary adding more details about your own culture or the intercultural encounter you cited in your initial essay (for example, if you mention a concept related to “media stereotypes” and you did not talk about stereotypes in your initial essay about culture, then add a few words about how this gives insights into your culture or the intercultural encounter you had).

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