Computer Literacy Problem

Computer Literacy Problem

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one paragraph is about computer literacy problem in turkey. and other paragraph is about ‘solutions from other countries.’At the turkish problem part, we need to explain the situation about computer literacy in Turkish high schools and collages. What are the main problems should be mentioned with citations. Citations are key point makers, very important. For the solutions section, instructor doesn’t want us to talk about turkey. Instead he wants us to give examples from other countries, European countries or us or both is fine.

He wants to see examples from those countries, what are the computer literacy courses in their schools, are those courses mandatory, what is the level of importance given to the computer literacy in their education system, are the questions should be answered with examples. he paper should be written with a very basic English. Please be very very careful with that. He always checks the previous papers we submitted and shouldn’t understand that the paper is written by someone else. You know how these things go so please be very careful about the english level. I also sent what I wrote so you can see my language and also my topic details Please let me know if you have any questions.Preferred language style   US English

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