Comprehensive Exam of Business

Comprehensive Exam of Business

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All questions that are used for the doctoral comprehensive examination process are designed to require responses that are characterized by higher order critical thinking skills (e.g., analysis, synthesis and evaluation).

This provides the student the opportunity to display the skills necessary to pursue and complete the dissertation. You will receive your questions from your instructor after the start date of your examination. If you do not receive them within the first three days of the examination, please contact your instructor to request them.

Each student will be required to answer four different types of question-based on the student’s field of study:

Question #1 Overview —Theoretical and Conceptual Knowledge

The question in this category emphasizes the integration and synthesis of relevant theory and conceptual principles in the student’s field of study. Students are expected to demonstrate comprehension and critical thinking using the body of knowledge attained in the fundamental and specialization coursework that she or he has taken.

Question #2 Overview —Professional Application

The question in this category involves the application of relevant theory and research to real life situations, considering social, cultural, and ethical issues as appropriate. Students are expected to compose responses that solve specific problems and also discuss implications of their ideas for application with a broad range of issues in the field.

Question #3 Overview —Research Methods and Critique

The question in this category requires students to demonstrate an understanding of and ability to employ research methods utilized within the student’s field. Students are expected to critique research methodologies that are used by scholar-practitioners and compose responses that identify best practices in research in their field of study.

Question #4 Overview —Ethical Considerations

The Question in this category focuses on the integration of ethical principles with professional practice in the student’s field. Students are expected to defend a personal philosophy of ethical practice using discipline- specific core values and/or essential principles and practices in their field.

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