A complete sales call ( i’m the seller and i’m selling mountain bikes)

A complete sales call ( i’m the seller and i’m selling mountain bikes)

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Personal SellingThis is your final presentation. You will employ a different scenario from the previous presentations. It must be a business call to a professional buyer. The goal is to provide evidence to the class and your instructor of your confidence and ability to undertake a complete sales call – right through “The approach”, “Need discovery”, “demonstration”, “handling objections” , “closing the sale”, “to servicing the client on an ongoing basis”.

You will do all the steps from previous presentations but not in as much detail. Particular attention should be paid to handling objections, closing, and servicing ( areas that you would not have covered in previous presentations). Each session should run between 10-12 minutes max.

Have something to use in your demonstration and have at least two methods of demonstrating – ideally one should be the product itself.

At least 3 objections should be raised and dealt with through effective negotiation techniques. More than one close must be attempted; one of which should be a trial close. Make servicing the sale part of your presentation including options, suggestion selling and a request for referrals. Preferred language style   US English

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