Competitive and Market Analysis/HR (staffing)

Competitive and Market Analysis/HR (staffing)

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Purpose: To greatly speed up the process in coming to an agreement on purchase price and current state of a dwelling with high quality pictures with visually recorded walk through of a property.   Pros to consumer: -Buyers get firsthand look at state/condition of dwelling especially if handicapped or long distance that do not have access to the property. -Buyers and Sellers can instantly negotiate price on house with privacy alongside their realtor and/or lawyer, but with an immediate counter-offer. -Sellers get satisfaction that buyer knows property and that both parties are serious in their offers. -Greatly reduces pending times on active properties. -Seller gets more views of their property (and higher potential for a deal) because of more pictures and video access of property.   Pros of Business: -Low overhead due to business being a service -Lower staffing required at a single office (keeps managing easy) but good possibility for franchising (quick to start small businesses) -High demand from Buyer (see an up close look at property without waste of time, gas, or money) -High demand from Seller (gets a more involved and accurate display of the listing without putting off buyers early on in the process) -Room to grow by adding on new features. (example: adding an inspector alongside the walkthrough to eliminate future uncertainty and time, but for a fee.) -Face to face interaction increases sales. (“people buy people, not products!”)

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