Compare and contrast the struggle for freedom both Jacobs and Douglass experience.

Compare and contrast the struggle for freedom both Jacobs and Douglass experience.

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1. It must be a formal essay of literary analysis, so personal pronouns and personal experience examples should not be used. 2. Come up with your own topic and thesis statement. 3. Also must use direct, word-for-word Qs from the actual literature as your paper is expected¬† to be a literary analysis. It is best to stay away from biographical explanations since often that ends up being a biography rather than a paper of literary analysis. The only biographical info that you could use would be citations from the introduction of the author by the editor of our text–but only when necessary and only if cited correctly. A good piece of literature will be strong enough to lead to
many interpretations that come just from reading the actual story, poem, or essay. You must cite and analyze direct Qs from the literature. Direct, word-for-word Qs are required and are to come from the text only. Do not use paraphrases. 4. It must contain your own topic and thesis statement. You must make it strong enough for a formal-academic paper. 5. *****You may not use any outside sources or research for any of the papers 6. Write about one piece of literature if prose but you may need to write about more than one piece if you are writing about poetry. Also suggest that you do not write about more than a couple of poems if you are writing about poetry or even if you are comparing two authors. 7. Remember to have a clear thesis statement in the last sentence of your introduction, three or four paragraphs–with clear topic sentences or points in the first sentence. A thesis or a topic sentence should be a fact, a question, or include a Q. 8.Do not summarize or tell what happened. Use the details and Qs that you analyze to make a point about the meaning of the poem or piece.

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