Compare and contrast Schnitzler’s and Freud’s interpretations of character

Compare and contrast Schnitzler’s and Freud’s interpretations of character

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This essay is an Art History essay; this is to be based round era of Fin De Siecle Vienna, so it must be around that time frame. I have
uploaded some good notes and a good scan from the book “Arthur Schnitzler; A Critical Study,” I advise you to read through this
Scanned piece to gain a good knowledge of the subject matter and context of the essay.  The essay is to be based on Schnitzler’s and Freud’s analysis of “character,” this should be a compare and contrast essay showing similarities and difference in the subject of how they both
interpreted character by their methods of analysis, psychoanalysis, and critical study, this must also show examples of these interpretations
From their analysis which is why I advise reading the proposed texts, I have uploaded for you.  This essay must be written in the context of art history in fin de since in vienna and focus on the artistic materials that were analyzed by both fraud and Schnitzler. e.g., individual plays that were performed at that time by schnitzler, and what did Freud also study to gain interpretation of character, Schnitzler, and Freud have very similar ideas and theories but there a lot of differences also, so, therefore, one must determine these similarities and differences
Gained in the works they produced and also studied. Pleas do read the text I have uploaded “Arthur Schnitzler; A Critical Study” this will
show relevant material and context.

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