Compare and contrasts these three essays. Base the theme off “lost” and “change”

Compare and contrasts these three essays. Base the theme off “lost” and “change”

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Will need to read “Bits and Pieces” by Luisa Rollenhagen, “Aria: A memoir of a Bilingual Childhood” by Richard Rodriguez and “Oranges and Sweet Sister Boy” by Judy Ruiz For example: In Aria, the author is lost because of the language barrier. His change made him lose his childhood memories etc… Please expand In Oranges and Sweet Sister Boy, the author is lost because her brother called her saying she changed genders. This change impacted her life to realize that the world revolves around an orange. Please expand In Bits and Pieces, it talks about the different kinds of changes and the feeling of being lost. You can connect all the ideas to the other two texts.
Use the main theme of “lost” and “change” to reckon with the original chosen essay “Aria” and its ideas “Change and Lost.”  – What is the idea you are borrowing from your central text? – What are its larger implications? – How do other essays you’ve read change the way you think about the idea? – How does your experience and knowledge of the world inform the way you think about the idea? – What do you actually think about the idea? What I am ultimately looking for: a clear representation of the primary text  “aria” and its borrowed idea; thoughtful conversation between this idea and your other two texts which reckons the idea.

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