company PNC Financial (PNC)

company PNC Financial (PNC)

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This is a Group Project that has several parts. But I’m assigned to do just 2 part. The Group Project is a company, which called PNC
financial. “KEY”. Reference Sources Primary reference sources include fiscal years 2010 and 2014 10K reports of the assigned company, FOMC February and March 2015 meeting statement/minutes, and financialwebsites such as yahoo finance, Google finance, you will rely on 10K to complete most project requirement. Sections of 10K of particular help include: overview, management’s discussion and analysis of financial condition and results of operations (MD&A), consolidated balance sheet and income statement, and notes to
consolidated financial statements (Notes). Written Report Written report should be typed, single- spaced, font size of 12. you must have
a cover page with assigned company name & ticker, and all group member’ names. You must include as appendix (a) hard copy of relevant
pages from 10K (include ONLY pages where information were obtained); (b) Link to online articles/ news stories you referenced to.
Requirements just do the 2 parts, which are Business descriptions, Snapshot of Company stock, and Reportable Business segments of the
company and I will provide a copy of the details for each one. Also I will but 2 sources just in case you might need something from the
details that you should be careful and read them well so you do each step on the right way.

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