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Company or organisation

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Sales & Marketing forTurism, Hospitality and Leisure Assessment 1 – Individual essay – 1,500 words (+ or – 10%) – 60% weighting OBS: Please for this work make sure that you choose one brand or large company it could be an airline, hotel, or tour operator. -What they advertise; -The type of language that they use on the advertisements -How they develop their products, where they operate, give an idea of the size of the company -Give two different target markets and justify them -For the last question can you choose two PESTEL factors that affects the business (can be environment, pollution and natural disasters).
Instructions to students Within the industry sector that you are studying, select a company/ organisation of your choice. For this chosen case 1. Briefly introduce the company/ organisation (who is the cop 2. Identify and explain the product/service they provide, paying attention to core and supplementary service as well as tangible and intangible elements. 3. Using segmentation principles identify and explain the target markets for your chosen case, based on a discussion of the product and the promotion that is undertaken by your chosen company/ organisation. You must be able to identify and discuss at least two different target markets, so choose your case wisely. 4. Select two current key drivers of external change and evaluate how they may affect the service provision of your chosen company/ organisation, with a particular focus on product and promotion.

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